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Recommended by our reviewers

Belvoir Ridge Creamery

Dairy farmers Alan and Jane Hewson spent the best part of a decade slowly picking up equipment and trying out recipes for a couple of nearly-forgotten East Midlands cheeses. Now, with beautiful milk from their herd of 60 Red Poll cows, cheese-making has gone from a hobby to a major part of the business.

Their big success has been Colwick, a soft, curdy cheese first developed in the 17th century near Nottingham. It received huge interest after it was featured last year on Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast programme. The centre of the cheese dips to form a bowl shape, into which you would traditionally place fruits or a savoury mix with onions and scoop it out.

Also doing well is Rutland Slipcote. This brie-style cheese was popular in Victorian times and has now made it onto the cheese boards at restaurants such as Hart’s of Nottingham, Hambleton Hall, and The Olive Branch in Clipsham, which often has a whole baked Slipcote on the menu.

The latest development is to make their pasteurised, non-homogenised milk available straight from the cow through a vending machine outside the dairy at £1 a litre (at the time of writing). You can bring along your own container or buy a re-useable one.

The milk, from what is believed to be the only milking herd of rare-breed Red Polls in the country, was a gold award winner at the 2014 Nantwich Show – the world’s largest cheese show. “Judges called it rich, creamy and full-flavoured,” says Jane. “They also liked the fact that, unlike Jersey, it doesn’t coat your tongue – it’s a cleaner, more modern style.”

Belvoir Ridge Creamery stand at Oakham Farmers’ Market each month.

Useful info
Cross Roads Farm, Eastwell, Melton Mowbray, LE14 4EF

Customer reviews for Belvoir Ridge Creamery

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  1. Jim says:
    Use this milk to transform your cooking...I originally bought some of their milk at the Small Food Bakery in Nottingham and it was extremely good. Then, having gone to pick up some cheese at Cropwell Bishop (their Beauvale was announced as the Best Blue Cheese at this year’s British Cheese Awards), and trying to buy some milk off them, they reminded me that the Belvoir Ridge Creamery sells milk directly on the farm. I drove out (nice drive) and it is easy to pull in to the farm and in front of you is a self-service vending machine and a fridge. You need pound coins to operate the vending machine. You also need to take a container, such as a clean plastic milk bottle. You get 1 litre of raw milk for your coin. In the fridge there is cheese for sale as well as some pre-filled 2 pint bottles of raw milk. My wife makes rice pudding the Spanish way and using this milk it takes the dish to another level. Making bechamel and similar sauces with this milk produces results that shine. We have never used a rare breed milk like this in cooking before now and, based on results so far, will not be going back to 'normal' full milk.
  2. Charlotte says:
    Excellent!Great milk & cheese!!
  3. Steph says:
    Belvoir Ridge CreameryA treasure of a place in the heart of the Vale of Belvoir. Excellent cheeses and milk made from their own herd of Lincolnshire Red Polls.
  4. MS says:
    Yum!Great cheese and milk from own Red Poll herd
  5. Frances says:
    Excellent.Love this place. Excellent Colwick Cheese and Raw Milk. Great value.
  6. Sue D says:
    ExcellentLove the Colwick cheese and unpasteurised milk!


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