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Berkswell Traditional Farmstead Meats

It might be run from a shack down a track in rural Warwickshire but Berkswell Traditional Farmstead Meats sells the finest produce from local farmers and beyond. It is run by Phil Tuckey and his son Richard, who have a passion for slowly-grown rare-breed and heritage-breed meat, including beef from Dexter and White Park cows, pork from Berkshire and Tamworth pigs and mutton from the Orkneys.

The difference between supermarket pork and what Berkswell offers is striking. For example, the layer of fat on Berkswell’s pork is far thicker because the pigs have been grown slowly and properly fattened. And it’s that intramuscular fat that boosts flavour and succulence.

Berkswell also specialises in properly dry-aged beef such as 60-day aged Dexter T-bone and the very special meat from White Park cattle.

Our message is to get yourself over there and support Berkswell. Enjoy the personal service you’ll receive, the variety of breeds and the quality of the meat. Do call ahead to find out what’s available first – 01676 522409.

Article and photos by GFC’s Birmingham correspondent, Lap-fai Lee

Useful info
Larges Farm, Back Lane, Coventry, CV7 7LD
01676 522409

Customer review for Berkswell Traditional Farmstead Meats

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  1. Avatar Jonathan Collier says:

    If you live in Warwickshire and appreciate high quality and traceable meat, then visiting Philip at Berkswell is an absolute must. The sausages, burgers, smoked bacon and beef is all absolutely sensational. I’m looking forward to heading over there before Christmas and picking up a free range turkey and some fabulous ham. The place is a goldmine and Philip is a delight. Highly knowledgeable and always happy to chat and offer advice if you aren’t sure what you need. Oh and don’t forget the free range eggs, local honey, local cheese. The list goes on.


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