Chef Q&A: Daniel Cain, head chef at The Palfrey in Derby

Daniel Cain is head chef at The Palfrey in Derby. We recently enjoyed a brilliant lunch and exceptional service at this city-centre restaurant tucked away in Blacksmith’s Yard, just off Sadler Gate. Daniel brings real passion and skill to his role. We put some quick-fire questions to him…

What is your earliest childhood food memory?
“Going round my mamas in the winter for stew, the smell to this day brings my back to being a child.”

What is your favourite dish to cook for friends and family?
“Probably a roast – can’t go wrong with a good roast! Prep it all in the morning and have a few drinks while it’s all cooking away.”

Who influenced your cooking most?
“I was the first chef in my family, so it would have to be my mama who would make crumbles and obviously the stew!”

Is there a chef you admire most?
“Gordon Ramsey was the chef I admired growing up but the chef I admire now is Paul Ainsworth. His food is very simple – just a few ingredients and let them speak for themselves.”

What is your favourite ingredient and why?
“That would have to be wild mushrooms because they are so versatile and can be used in so many ways.”

Do you have a favourite cuisine?
“Not really. Modern British maybe because there is so much great produce in this country that’s often overlooked.”

Do you have a favourite restaurant?
“Paul Ainsworth at No. 6 in Padstow.”

Food on a plate or slate?

Marmite, Love or hate?

What would your last meal be?
“Probably fish and chips from the coast!”

Steak at The Palfrey – photo taken during our recent visit.

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