Cidentro Cider House of Melton Mowbray receives national acclaim

New Leicestershire cider producer Cidentro Cider House of Melton Mowbray has attracted national acclaim in The Guardian newspaper. Food writer Fiona Beckett chose Cidentro’s Still Cider (7%ABV) as a must-try product in her article about a new campaign called Cider is Wine.

The producers featured in Fiona’s piece – including Cidentro – all use 100% freshly pressed apple juice to make their ciders, just as wine-makers use 100% freshly pressed grapes. Some commercial supermarket ‘ciders’ use as little as 35% concentrated apple juice.

Hiranthi Cook, co-founder of Cidentro, said: “We are absolutely chuffed to bits to be featured in The Guardian’s Feast Magazine. It’s such an interesting article that gives credence to ciders made with 100% freshly pressed apples. It’s also great that Fiona is recognising the Cider is Wine campaign.”

Hiranthi Cook with wine writer Oz Clarke

Hiranthi and her husband Matthew launched Cidentro Cider House after moving to Melton Mowbray from Hertfordshire. They planted 540 apple trees which produce seven varieties of apple including ‘Lord Derby’, ‘Black Dabinett’, ‘Katy’ and ‘Michelin’. Hiranthi has trained in the art of cider making for the past three years.

Cidentro’s young orchard near Melton Mowbray. Seven varieties of apple are grown here – Sops in Wine, Katy, Kingston Black, Lord Derby, Browns, Michelin and Black Dabinett.

Cidentro currently offers three types of cider – a still, a lightly sparkling and a delicious rosé – which you can order online here.

‘Browns’ apples
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