Essential Cuisine’s new concentrated liquid cooking stocks are a must for any home chef

Essential Cuisine has been making stocks for professional kitchens since 1995 and for home chefs since 2011. Free from artificial colours, gluten, preservatives, MSG, and hydrogenated oil, we’ve tried all the Essential Cuisine powdered range and have been impressed. They are all packed full of flavour.

Now Essential Cuisine has launched a new range of concentrated liquid stocks. You can use them to make standard stock but also add a few drops to a dish to add instant flavour and depth. They are fantastic store-cupboard essentials for any home chef.

We caught up with Essential Cuisine’s Jeremy Palmer to find out more…

What’s the story behind Essential Cuisine?
We’ve been making stocks for professional kitchens for many years but launched our home range in 2011. We realised there was a need for a higher-quality stock for passionate home chefs. We started out with a range of well-received, award-winning powdered stocks and now produce concentrated liquid stocks, too.

How are the stocks made?
The new concentrated liquid stocks are made as a blend. We use exceptional ingredients supplied by UK-based companies.

How do Essential Cuisine stocks differ from others on the market?
They look and taste great for a start! These aren’t just stocks – they are also fantastic flavour boosters. You can use them as a stock and then simply pop a drop or two extra to your dish to really lift the flavour.

What awards have you won?
We’ve won 11 Great Taste Awards for our powdered stocks. We’re very hopeful we will win more when we enter our new concentrated liquid range for the first time next year!

Where can people buy Essential Cuisine stocks?
Either at Lakeland from December 2017 or online. You can also buy our stocks at many farm shops and quality butchers. Please contact me at and I’ll point you to a stockist near you.

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