Two Chimps Introduction to Latte Art | Oakham

Where: Two Chimps Coffee, 8b Oakham Enterprise Park, LE15 7TU
When: Sunday April 14, 2019 at 1pm
Price: £75 per person

How does latte art look so easy – but when you try it, it’s so hard?!

We feel your pain; every barista has been in this conundrum. Our basic, introduction to latte art workshop, will set you on your way to latte art greatness.

The course will last for around three hours and will discuss the basics of milk steaming, the pour and the traditional ‘heart’ latte art design. The focus of this course is the latte art so the grinder and machine will be set for you and ready to go.

No experience is needed and we will have a maximum of two people per course to ensure you have the full attention of your dedicated barista.

£75 per person. More details.