Everards celebrates 170 years

Iconic local business Everards of Leicestershire celebrates its 170th anniversary this month. 

On October 5, 1849, William Everard bought Everards’ first brewery in Leicester with Thomas Hull, a local maltster.  Today, the brewery is owned by the fifth generation of the Everard family. Over the years, Everards has operated five breweries, with its sixth well underway. Today it also owns 175 pubs.

William Everard
An old dray

Richard Everard says: “As the new brewery is going up, we find ourselves very proud to be able to look back at the last 170 years and see how much we have grown. Our passion for brewing quality beer and providing communities with great pubs is just as strong today as it was back then. By working with some incredible independent business owners and the support of the Everards home team, we are able to keep the passion alive for all of our customers. We hope that people will join us in raising a glass and saying cheers to another 170 years!”     

Everards’ barrels being rolled in Leicester city centre
The building of the old Castle Acres brewery

To celebrate, you will see a new range of Everards glassware in pubs. The conical glasses are lined to one pint and two-thirds of a pint to offer customers flexibility. A half-pint version lined to a third of a pint is coming soon.

Inside the brewery

If you have been involved in the Everards story or have parents or grandparents that were and have a story to share, please email kr@everards.co.uk or post on Everards’ Facebook page.

Cheers to another 170 years!

Everards Meadows is Everards’ new home
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