Food Hero of the Year: Great Food Club Awards 2020/21

The winner of this special annual award (for which there is no shortlist) is the team behind March House Farm Shop in Great Dalby, Leicestershire for their inspirational hard work and dynamism over the tumultuous past 12 months.

In the same week that lockdown began in March 2020, March House Farm launched an excellent online order and delivery service. This became a lifeline for many households, while also putting the farm’s beef, lamb and pork on countless new tables around the region.

Since then, the team have maintained the momentum, reacting superbly to the twists and turns of the Covid saga, most recently by launching an al fresco Coffee Hut, a ‘Cow Barn’ Café, and by expanding the farm shop.

Our special Food Hero Award recognises the inspirational hard work and positivity that the March House Farm Shop team have put in throughout.

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