La Belle Assiette: sit back, relax and enjoy!

After an exhausting week in the office, La Belle Assiette came to the rescue. I sat back, relaxed and entertained friends at home. Without lifting a finger. Actually that’s a lie – I ate a naughty amount of canapés and cheese that evening!

The idea behind La Belle Assiette is to allow you to experience restaurant-quality cuisine at home, and that’s exactly what you get.

Your chosen chef not only cooks on the day, they also select and buy all the ingredients. Then they serve and clear up while you and your guests chill out and enjoy the occasion.

Having agreed a bespoke menu, our chef Gaston treated us to an impressive five-course dinner made with high-quality organic ingredients. As an appetiser, Gaston prepared a homemade tapenade using organic olives from the south of France, followed by a starter of salmon gravadlax, preserved sweet lemon and a pickled cucumber salad.

Then came the showstopper: slow-cooked guinea fowl with a chorizo cream sauce, griddled sweetcorn pancakes and a sherry vinegar-infused salad. This was one of the most mouthwatering main courses I’ve eaten to date!

With little room to spare, we powered through a cheese course of ripened French brie, served alongside a heavenly caramelised pear chutney. Gaston then brought dinner to a close with a dessert of roasted apples with a chocolate tiramisu cream and raspberries – divine!

Originating in Paris, La Belle Assiette arrived in London in 2014. Ranging from ‘Temptation’ to ‘Signature’, menus start at three-course and go right up to five-course Michelin-style quality. Moreover, any menu can be customised to suit your taste and dietary requirements. Some chefs also match their menus with sommelier-approved wines and refreshments.

La Belle Assiette’s seamless service has all the benefits of restaurant dining without any hassle. All you need to do is provide crockery, cutlery and good conversation. Winner.

If you’d like to hire a private La Belle Assiette chef in London, click here.

The author:

Sarah lives in London and loves nothing more than seeking out fantastic local producers and sampling their wares. Can usually be found in a pub, restaurant or somewhere between the two.