Local food heroes of coronavirus: The ‘Feeding Nottingham’ Project

By Bobby Twidale

In these unsettling times, an army of health-care workers are facing unimaginable challenges, and many vulnerable people are struggling to access good nutrition. As a result, two Nottingham independents – CHEFF and The Body Project – have teamed up to launch an inspiring project.

CHEFF – ‘clean, healthy, energising, fresh food’ – is continuing to provide its regular delivery and collection service, offering up to a month’s worth of fresh or frozen meals to doorsteps in Nottingham.

However, as lockdown has gone on, the CHEFF team – Adam Sinnott and Rebecca Clarke – realised that many local people are in genuine need. Not just the elderly and sick, but also people who are struggling financially, families who rely on school meals, and NHS staff and other key workers.

“I didn’t realise how many vulnerable people live so close by,” says Adam.

In response, CHEFF has joined forces with The Body Project, run by Kelly Marshall and wife Nina. The two companies are now working in tandem to help their local communities.

Adam Sinnott, founder of CHEFF

As two small businesses with limited funds, they too are facing uncertain futures. So they set up a GoFundMe page – Feeding Nottingham – to cover costs in their quest to fund 1,000 free meals for people in Nottingham. After publishing the page, they smashed their goal in a few days and at the time of writing their original target of £3,000 stood at £4,736. Deliveries to vulnerable people have now started.

“Feeding Nottingham has highlighted the incredible community that exists in Nottingham. So many people have generously donated and allowed us to fly the flag for what the kindness of strangers can achieve,” says Kelly.

Feeding Nottingham is now actively inviting enquiries, particularly for larger deliveries where several people can be supported in one drop-off.

More about CHEFF

CHEFF was launched by former tradesman and fitness enthusiast Adam Sinnott after he became frustrated by not being able to easily access healthy hot food while at work or out and about.

In January 2019 he opened his business in West Bridgford to provide people with healthy, fast food and meal ‘preps’. Meal prepping is the practice of preparing meals in advance, balanced to support weight-loss, nutritional, budgetary, dietary or training goals. Generally, people ‘prep’ for anything from a few days to a full month in advance. It’s a great way of maintaining a healthy diet if you’re time-poor but does require a level of organisation and planning. That’s where CHEFF can help.

The Body Project

Crowned Functional Fitness World Champion in Brisbane, Australia, in October 2019, Kelly Marshall, founder of The Body Project, is an elite plant-based athlete with a thriving Specialist Prehabilitation Clinic. Before finding CHEFF, her work and training schedule meant the challenge of preparing and maintaining the correct nutritional support had been overwhelming.

To donate to Feeding Nottingham, click here.

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