Love old food books? Then you must visit Refried Books

If you are looking for used, vintage and antiquarian books on everything to do with food, cooking, wine, gardening, growing food and flowers, then look no further than Refried Books.

The website’s owner and creator Rita, who lives in Sussex with her partner Terry, has a real passion for old books born out of her love for cooking and growing things.

Good books are a reflection of the times in which they were written and provide a wonderful window into the past.

Rita has a wide and ever-changing selection of tomes ranging from classics to hand-written recipe books, essays and manuscripts.

Check out the website here.

The author:

Philip lives in West Cambridgeshire in the Parish of Catworth with his wife. He loves eating out which he does for both pleasure and business. His other interests are collecting cookery books and menus, driving his tractor and working on the renovation of their old farm.