New Long Clawson recipe book out now

Long Clawson Dairy has published a recipe book to celebrate its centenary.

Cooking Creatively With Cheese contains 45 recipes to be made with Clawson cheese. Each dish is associated with one decade of Clawson’s 100-year history, including an Aged Leicestershire Red-topped Shepherd’s Pie for the 1910s (below) and a White Stilton with Cranberry Souffle for the 2000s.

The book even shows you how to create a 70s-style buffet, complete with Double Gloucester cheese straws, Blue Stilton dip and Blue Shropshire Quiche Lorraine.

Cooking Creatively With Cheese is a collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens (pictured above), who created ten new recipes for the book.

The hardback is available to buy on Amazon priced £7.95

Long Clawson Dairy

Matt Wright
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