‘On some days we’re cooking for more customers than we did pre-lockdown’

VIDEO INTERVIEW: The Hammer & Pincers of Wymeswold – GFC Fine Dining Restaurant of the Year 2020 – reveal how they’ve made a success of lockdown with a positive, flexible approach…

The Hammer & Pincers in Wymeswold, Leicestershire – Great Food Club’s Fine-Dining Restaurant of the Year 2019/20 – has responded to coronavirus with positivity and verve. So much so, that on some days it is serving more customers than it did during busy times pre-lockdown. In this interview by Leisa Pickles of Find Me The Leads, head chef and owner Daniel Jimminson (not Sandra – his wife, as per the Zoom caption!) tells us how he and the team have done it, and what they think the future holds.

Interviewer Leisa Pickles is director of Find Me The Leads.
Interviewee Daniel Jimminson (not Sandra!) owner & head chef at The Hammer & Pincers.

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