Chorizo and butternut squash gnocchi

Published on March 10, 2014

By Arushi Patel

This is lovely recipe. I get my chorizo from a Spanish stall at the food market held in Uppingham, Rutland, every Friday. This stall – and Uppingham market – is well worth seeking out.

Chorizo and butternut squash gnocchi

Serves 4

1 pack of ready-made gnocchi (found in Waitrose)
Chorizo, sliced then quartered – from the Spanish stall in Uppingham’s Friday market
1 butternut squash, cubed
Salt and pepper
1 garlic clove
Olive oil
Handful parsley, chopped

1 Heat the oven on 200C and place the butternut squash and garlic in a baking dish, coated in olive oil and seasoned. Bake for about 20 mins, till the squash is cooked and slightly crispy on the edges and garlic clove is soft.

2 Cook as much chorizo as you like on a low heat in a bit of olive oil till its own oils have come out and mixed in with the olive oil. Add in the butternut squash once it’s out the oven, then get the gnocchi on the boil – follow the instructions but it should only take a few minutes to cook and rise to the surface in the pan.

3 Mix the gnocchi together with the chorizo and butternut squash, then sprinkle parsley all over. Serve with some bread to soak up the oils – delicious.

Arushi Patel lives in Leicester and is passionate about food and drink, both local and more exotic. Read her blog here.

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