Find food and drink gems in your region

We’re here to guide you to brilliant local gems and to bring you exclusive member offers. Our team of regional editors are always snouting out the best independents in their patches listed below. We’re currently strongest in the East Midlands, as that’s where we started out (our HQ is in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire), but our recommendations and offers in our other regions are growing all the time…

  • Beds, Bucks & Herts

    There are plenty of creative, high-quality food and drink independents in the three counties of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, serving its growing population of discerning commuters and locals. Great Food Club aims to shine a light on the region's best restaurants, pubs, producers, farm shops and delis.

    Beds, Bucks & Herts guide
  • Brighton & Hove

    Brighton & Hove is one of Britain's most fun-loving places. If you want a party, head here. This coastal honeypot also contains a wealth of dynamic, cutting-edge food and drink independents, sitting alongside more traditional but equally satisfying pubs and restaurants. Post-modern vegan pop-ups cosy up to old-fashioned cockle-and-whelk stalls, and nearby Harvey's Brewery (founded 1790) shares space with cool craft brewers. We're just starting out in Brighton & Hove but watch this space.

    Brighton & Hove guide
  • Bristol & Bath

    It's hard to imagine a more vibrant hotspot for food and drink independents than the Bristol and Bath region. This area has it all, with mouthwatering street-food traders, award-winning seafood restaurants, creative craft breweries, laid-back foodie pubs, plus delis, cookery schools and bakeries. We’re just starting out in Bristol and Bath under the watchful eye and educated tastebuds of our editor and proud Brizzle resident Alex, but the places she's uncovered so far are excellent. Expect more recommendations soon.

    Bristol & Bath guide
  • Cambridgeshire

    From Michelin-starred Cambridge restaurants to traditional village butchers and rural smallholdings, Cambridgeshire contains some very special food and drink businesses. Led by our Cambridgeshire editor Philip, who lives in the heart of the county, Great Food Club will shine a light on the county’s best restaurants, pubs, producers, farm shops and delis, with some exclusive member offers included.

    Cambridgeshire guide
  • Cheshire

    There are plenty of fantastic independent food and drink businesses in Cheshire. Our aim is to uncover the best. Please bear with us while we search.

    Cheshire guide
  • Cotswolds

    Cotswolds guide
  • Derbyshire

    From small farms in the Peak District producing exceptional meats to fine-dining restaurants, country pubs, delis and cookery schools – if you know where to look, this beautiful county has so much to offer. With the help of our writing team we’ll guide you to more and more Derbyshire restaurants, pubs, shops and producers, and some exclusive member offers.

    Derbyshire guide
  • Devon

    Devon: home to lush rolling pasture, miles of glorious coastline, acres of golden beaches and the backdrop to millions of family holidays. Amid this are hundreds of special food and drink producers and some brilliant independent pubs and restaurants. The problem is knowing where to go. That's where we come in. We’re new to Devon but will bring you more and more recommendations as we unearth them.

    Devon guide
  • Essex

    Essex is an under-explored county with a great food and drink scene. It has more than 350 miles of coastline, and its salt marshes and oyster beds influence the menus of the many excellent pubs and restaurants that grace its historic towns and picturesque villages. With a growing number of vineyards, too, plus a strong tradition of fruit growing, Essex has lots to offer the discerning food lover. We’re just starting out in Essex but watch this space.

    Essex guide
  • Gloucestershire

    Gloucestershire guide
  • Hampshire

    From the magical New Forest to the stunning South Downs, with the historic ports of Southampton and Portsmouth in between, Hampshire is not only beautiful but full of outstanding food and drink businesses. If you know where to look you'll find great seafood restaurants, country pubs, street-food producers, farm shops, strawberry growers, pig farmers, delis, tearooms and more. Hampshire produced Charles Dickens and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and it has a fine food heritage, too. We’re just starting out in this county under editor and New Forest resident Penny Hopkins. Expect more of her recommendations soon.

    Hampshire guide
  • Herefordshire & Worcestershire

    Cider orchards, the lush Wye Valley, Herefordshire cattle and the Malvern Hills – the bucolic beauty of this region provides the perfect backdrop for an exceptional range of food and drink producers. And with so much wonderful local produce on offer, it’s good news for the county’s chefs. Overseen by our editor and Hereford resident Ian, Great Food Club will guide you to the best Herefordshire & Worcestershire restaurants, pubs, producers, delis and farm shops, with some great member offers thrown in.

    Herefordshire & Worcestershire guide
  • Kent

    England's hop-growing county is home to some outstanding independent pubs, restaurants and food shops. The Garden of England is also blessed with two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty – the North Downs and the High Weald – as well as some wonderful coastline. The food and drink its producers create is as rich and diverse as its green and pleasant landscape. We’re just starting out in Kent under editor and county resident Hugh Thomas. Expect more of his recommendations soon.

    Kent guide
  • Leicestershire

    Our hometown is Melton Mowbray – the capital of pork pies and Stilton cheese. This inspired us to create Great Food Club in 2011. Leicestershire is the heart of rural England and contains a wealth of wonderful food and drink. Led by our Leicestershire editor Tim, who lives in Leicester, Great Food Club will guide you to the best independent Leicestershire restaurants, pubs, producers and food shops. And many of them are running superb member offers.

    Leicestershire guide
  • Lincolnshire

    Lincolnshire has a rich food-and-drink heritage. With its fertile soils, food production such as mustard growing, pig rearing, cheesemaking and arable farming have all famously been carried out here for centuries. With the help of our Lincolnshire editors, Great Food Club will shine a light on the best Lincolnshire restaurants, pubs, producers, farm shops and delis, with some exclusive member offers included.

    Lincolnshire guide
  • London

    London has an enormous, throbbing, dynamic restaurant and pub scene. But less is known about its heroic local producers – its brewers, urban bee-keepers, independent bakers, cheesemakers, distillers and more. And it's on producers that we will initially focus our London spotlight, shone by our London editor and resident Sarah Tattersall.

    London guide
  • Manchester

    Buzzing, dynamic, diverse, fun-loving, drizzly. These are just a few words often used to describe Manchester. When it comes to food and drink, those descriptors still apply (OK, you can ditch the 'drizzly') because this city is a northern powerhouse of delightful victuals, packed with superb, creative independents. With so much going on here, our aim is to guide you to some of the best local indies. We're just starting out in Manchester under our city editor and Chorlton resident Louise Henderson, but watch this space...

    Manchester guide
  • Monmouthshire & Glamorgan

    Beautiful Monmouthshire with its green, lush pastures has more than its fair share of top quality food and drink producers. Known as Wales' food capital, it is home to one of Britain's premier culinary events – Abergavenny Food Festival. The county's rich food culture, which has local producers at its heart, inspires local chefs and powers a great range of pubs, restaurants, delis and farm shops. Our aim is to highlight some of Monmouthshire's very best food and drink independents. We're just starting out in this corner of South Wales but watch this space.

    Monmouthshire & Glamorgan guide
  • Norfolk

    Norfolk arguably contains England's best pie-maker, best whisky distillery and best vineyard. But that's just the tip of the iceberg in this lovely coastal county – it's also home to some brilliant restaurants, a selection of fine and historic pubs, and a range of great producers, from egg farmers to chutney makers. We're just starting out in Norfolk, but with the help of local editor Louisa, who lives in the heart of the county, Great Food Club will shine a light on its best independent food and drink businesses.

    Norfolk guide
  • Northamptonshire

    Thinking of Northamptonshire conjures up images of classic English villages built from distinctive honey-coloured ironstone. Memories of beautifully cooked food and delicious local beers may well spring to mind too, as nestled in the county’s market towns and villages are some truly excellent Northants pubs and restaurants. Led by editors Lisa (south Northants) and Anna (north Northants), Great Food Club will guide you to the best Northamptonshire restaurants, pubs, producers, delis and farm shops, with some great member offers thrown in.

    Northamptonshire guide
  • Nottinghamshire

    Nottinghamshire is full of top-quality food and drink independents, from buzzing Nottingham restaurants to delightful rural farm shops and beautiful village pubs hidden away from well-trodden paths. Overseen by Notts editor Abby, who lives near Nottingham, Great Food Club will guide you to the best Nottinghamshire restaurants, pubs, producers, delis and farm shops, with some great member offers thrown in.

    Nottinghamshire guide
  • Rutland

    Rutland is home to some brilliant country pubs, wonderful restaurants and high-quality producers. ‘Multum in parvo’ is the county motto, meaning ‘much in little’, and rural Rutland indeed packs a mighty punch when it comes to food and drink. Led by Rutland editor Anna, Great Food Club will guide you to the very best independent Rutland restaurants, pubs, producers, farm shops and delis, with some fantastic member offers thrown in.

    Rutland guide
  • Staffordshire

    Staffordshire is one of Britain's most diverse counties, comprising wild moorland, parts of the Peak District, market towns and urban areas. The food and drink scene is just as varied, with some great rural producers and excellent pubs and restaurants. Over time, Great Food Club will shine a light on Staffordshire's best independents.

    Staffordshire guide
  • Suffolk

    Suffolk is home to lots of wonderful local producers who supply some excellent pubs and restaurants. We're just starting out in Suffolk and under the watchful gaze of county editor Rebecca from Ipswich, we'll gradually uncover more and more brilliant independent Suffolk food businesses. We'll guide you to great restaurants, pubs, producers, farm shops and delis, and we'll bring you some fantastic member offers too. The places we've discovered so far are excellent and we plan to carry on in the same vein.

    Suffolk guide
  • The West Midlands

    The food and drink scene here is one of the most exciting in the UK, with amazing street-food producers, Michelin-starred Birmingham restaurants, a spectacular array of pubs, plus delis, cookery schools, bakeries, breweries… the list goes on. We’re just starting out in Birmingham and the West Midlands but the places we’ve found so far are excellent, and you can expect more recommendations soon.

    The West Midlands guide
  • Warwickshire

    Warwickshire & the West Midlands is home to a buzzing, multicultural food and drink scene, including the ‘Balti Triangle’, Michelin-starred restaurants, artisan bakers, mouthwatering street food and exciting pop-up restaurants. With the help of our writing team, we'll guide you to some brilliant Warwickshire and West Midlands pubs, restaurants, producers and food shops, with plenty of member offers thrown in for good measure...

    Warwickshire guide
  • Yorkshire

    On the one hand you’ve got Dales pubs, Yorkshire bitter, quaint tearooms, Henderson’s Relish, the Rhubarb Triangle, Parkin and all that amazing traditional Yorkshire food; on the other you’ve got bustling, creative urban restaurants, craft brewers and the producers of the new wave of Yorkshire delights. With the help of our Yorkie editor, based up near Malton, Great Food Club will guide you to the best Yorkshire restaurants, pubs, producers, delis and farm shops, with some great member offers thrown in.

    Yorkshire guide