Please nominate one food or drink business…

The Great Food Club Awards 2019/20 are now open. The awards have one aim: to celebrate brilliant food and drink independents in the East Midlands. We stretch a little bit outside that area too, so if you love somewhere nearby, please nominate them below.

At Great Food Club, we focus on independents, not chains. Our passion is for small businesses that source locally and serve local communities. We cover restaurants, food/drink producers, street-food vendors, farm shops, delis, cafés, pubs and more.

We like to keep things simple, so ask yourself this. Which one food or drink business has brought you most joy over the past 12 months? Your choice does not have to be someone Great Food Club already recommends. Please nominate below.

Click here to see our 2018/19 award winners.

  • It could be a fine-dining restaurant, a street-food vendor, a farm shop, a deli, a cafe or tea room, a cheese-maker, a brewer, a pub... anything, as long as it is an independent food or drink business (eg. not part of a large chain) that's made you consistently happy. Nominate one only please.
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