FREE Coffee School | Two Chimps | Oakham

Where: Two Chimps Coffee, 8b Oakham Enterprise Park, Ashwell Road
When: 7pm, Tuesday December 3rd 2019
Price: FREE

Always been intrigued about coffee and how it’s grown, harvested and roasted? Get involved in one of our FREE coffee schools to find out more!

Taste coffee with us, understand how we roast and learn how to brew coffee in different ways at one of our open nights. Watch a roast in progress and see the coffee beans turn from green to brown. Understand how we control the roast to emphasise different characteristics.

Find out everything about speciality coffee, how it’s grown, processed and ethically sourced.

You can see for yourself how we roast our coffee with a live roasting demonstration.

Lastly, we finish off the evening with a mini brewing session. This is where you will find out about grind sizes, brewing devices and brewing ratios allowing you to consistently make the best coffee at home.