Farrington’s Northamptonshire rapeseed oil becomes world’s first food product certified as carbon and plastic neutral

Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil – grown and produced in Hargrave near Wellingborough – has become the world’s first food product to be certified as both carbon and plastic neutral. The entire Farrington’s Mellow Yellow range of oils, salad dressings and mayonnaises are accredited.

Farrington Oils managing director Duncan Farrington said: “This is not just a box-ticking exercise; the environment is at the heart of everything we do. We have always looked for ways to be more sustainable so it made sense to take the official steps. We will continue to improve and aim to be carbon negative – remove more carbon from the atmosphere than we produce – through sustainable farming practices where our soils lock in CO2, by planting even more trees and by creating better wildlife habitats.”

Farrington Oils has been nurturing healthy soils, reducing waste and recording energy usage for more than 25 years, so becoming net-zero was the logical next step. Since 1987, it has planted over 8,000 trees on its farm and in 2018 installed solar panels that now generate over half of its total energy requirements.

Andrew Bowen, CEO of One Carbon World, said: “As the first farm to take this step, Farrington Oils has made a ground-breaking commitment that will inspire other companies around the world to take action and become carbon neutral in 2020.”

Partnering rePurpose Global, Farrington Oils funds the removal of the same amount of plastic waste from the environment as it uses in its packaging. “We are thrilled that Farrington Oils’ mission to protect our planet clicked with our work on the ground,” said Peter Wang Hjemdahl, co-founder of rePurpose Global. “We challenge every food and beverage brand to follow Farrington’s lead and take action before it is too late.”

Through long-term soil health analysis, Duncan Farrington has tracked the carbon sequestered in his soil. In one field, Duncan has increased soil organic matter by 66% over the last 16 years. This suggests Farrington Oils is absorbing 3,780 tonnes of CO2 into its soils each year – the equivalent to offsetting flying one person around the globe 526 times.

Duncan Farrington is calling for all companies, large and small, to change their habits to make a meaningful difference for our planet. “If a small company of 15 people in the sleepy Northamptonshire village of Hargrave can become a global leader in sustainability, I truly believe everyone can make a difference. By working together to change our habits, we can do this!”

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Matt lives in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. He is passionate about the independent food & drink sector and founded Great Food Club in 2010 after being inspired by local producers near his home town.