Leicester Named England’s New Curry Capital

Editor’s Note by Matt Wright, Founder & Editor of Great Food Club

I had the pleasure of attending last night’s official announcement of Leicester as England’s new Curry Capital at the Richard III Exhibition Centre in Leicester City Centre.

Leicester’s curry scene is exceptional. What sets it apart is the sheer diversity and abundance of curry restaurants.

One of the most intriguing aspects of Leicester’s curry scene is the emergence of curry pubs. These establishments beautifully blend Indian and English cultures, creating a unique dining experience that is relaxed and down-to-earth.

But whether you seek fine-dining Indian cuisine or an ultra-casual meal, Leicester has it all. The city boasts a wide range of culinary styles from North Indian to South Indian, Pakistani to Punjabi, and more. Additionally, its vibrant curry street food scene is brimming with energy, driven by young entrepreneurs.

Congratulations to the Pukaar Group for reviving the England Curry Capital crown, which had been dormant for several years since its founder Peter Grove passed away in 2016. It’s wonderful to see this award return to the country.

Congratulations too—and thanks—to every single person who’s helped Leicester win this award, from the pot-washers to the chefs, from the waiters to the restaurateurs. You are the reason why Leicester is the Curry Capital of England.

While other cities also have excellent curry scenes, and they will undoubtedly challenge Leicester in the future, this moment belongs to Leicester. It thoroughly deserves the title.

The author:

Matt lives in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. He is passionate about the independent food & drink sector and founded Great Food Club in 2010 after being inspired by local producers near his home town.