Simple elderflower vinegar recipe

By Rosemary Jameson from Jam Jar Shop and Jam On The Hill.

“This is so easy but will liven up your summer salads no end,” says Rosemary.

* 10-15 elderflower heads
* 1 pint white wine vinegar

1 Pick the heads when in full bloom and snip flowers from the stalks. Discard any insects!
2 Pack flowers into a clean jar then pour the vinegar over. Close, and leave in a sunny place for 2-3 weeks.
3 When ready, strain through muslin and decant vinegar into bottles. Seal, and store in a dry, dark cupboard.

“Elderflower vinegar is delicious as a salad dressing mixed with a light oil, or try it as a drink – use like cordial diluted with sparkling, iced mineral water. Stupendous!”

Jam Jar Shop

Rosemary Jameson

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