Secret Diner Review: Ascough’s Bistro, Market Harborough

Published on August 11, 2014

By Duncan Murray

I dined at Ascough’s Bistro in Market Harborough last night. It would seem that proprietor and head chef Chris Ascough is the re-incarnation of Willy Wonka!

We had some amazing flavour combinations. The whole meal was superb but the following were out of this world!

– Starter of Duck Egg Yolk, Kedgeree Potato Cake, Endive, Citrus Rapeseed Oil

– Main course of Cod Loin, Saffron & Garlic Beignets, Vichy Carrots, Chorizo Beurre Blanc

– Dessert of Gin & Tonic Jelly, Lime Granita, Sweetened Cucumber Brioche Sandwich, Mint Sherbet


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Matt Wright
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