The Artist Table Supper Club, Northampton

By Carmela Sereno Hayes, Northants correspondent 

Combine a beautiful Northamptonshire venue with delicate twinkly lights and chatter by candlelight. Sound interesting? Then welcome to The Artist Table Supper Club. Offering more than passionately made food with a twist, this supper club brings together a diverse group of people. Inclusion is key and making new friends goes hand in hand.

Nicola Griffiths, founder of The Artist Table, has found Northampton to be quite a curious place and I have to agree with her: there are many changes happening in our town so anything that adds richness and diversity is more than welcome. The Artist Table is an extension of not only Nicola’s interests but also her outgoing personality and passion. She wanted to create something that would provide a way for like-minded people to meet and a platform for conversation around art and the creative industries, with food as a central theme.



“I wanted to provide a new food offering in Northampton, to present people with the way I enjoy eating,” says Nicola. “I feel there is a particular niche of people who seek a handcrafted experience, something that you enjoy not only for the quality, aesthetic and taste, but for the care and attention to detail. I am not a trained chef but I love cooking – my passion has come from my mum. I knew I just wanted to serve food in generous portions, family style… to be passed around, tasted and shared. I thought this way of eating could encourage conversations and break through inhibitions. I can spend hours on the internet trawling recipes, reading blogs and generally absorbing food culture by proxy. I find it inspiring to see what is happening around the world and how people are doing the things they love.”


The key to the supper club is to make every diner feel welcome and special. Each meal starts with scrumptious nibbles such as polenta chips with pink peppercorn aioli or smashed chickpeas and homemade harissa. Nicola works with Ewa her close friend, who comes up with ideas for the interior décor. Nicola creates a cocktail to complement the tastes and themes of the meal. Next comes a salad, and by the time the main course arrives, diners have got to know each other and there is a buzz of conversation and ideas. The supper club menu travels the world and Nicola uses influences from all around the globe. I think this approach is what makes it so appealing – diners seem to be really into the breadth of choice and the diversity of each dish. Always expect the unexpected! The venue for the supper club varies.


I also run Italian supper clubs and love Nicola’s passion and take on creating something different but with love and commitment to what she believes in.

It has been amazing to see The Artist Table develop. Nicola has the support of her lovely husband, wonderful family and friends, who help with each event. Without them this would still be an idea floating around in her busy head.

For more details, costs and dates, sign up on the website.

Photos: Stacey Osborne and Ewa Siemion

The author:

Carmela is a mother of four, a passionate cookery tutor and the author of Southern Italian Family Cooking. She lives in Northamptonshire.