World Cuisine Restaurant of the Year: Great Food Club Awards 2020/21


Kushi-Ya, Nottingham


Orbis, Oakham, Rutland
Anoki, Derby
Zada, Stamford, Lincolnshire

Kushi-Ya is the winner for its authentic, inventive and mouthwatering Japanese cooking.

This laid-back restaurant on the first floor of a historic building in Nottingham city centre has a cool, attic-loft feel, with wooden beams and skylights. The restaurant specialises in kushiyaki – ingredients that have been skewered and grilled.

The menu is short and simple, with dishes categorised as ‘snacks’, ‘small plates’, ‘skewers’ and ‘desserts’. On our visit, we were won over by the delicious sea trout tartare, egg yolk and crisps; the cherry tomato, lardo, and kombu salt; and the Korean rice cakes with fermented chilli sauce.

Kushi-ya is a brilliant addition to the East Midlands’ dining scene and a very worthy winner.

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