A recipe from Adam Stokes, head chef at Adam’s of Birmingham

By Adam Stokes, head chef and owner, Adam’s Restaurant, Birmingham

Scallops, Roasted Cauliflower Puree, Smoked Haddock, Sea Purslane

Serves 4

8 large hand-dived scallops (2 each)
1 large cauliflower
25g butter
50g double cream
50g chicken stock
Salt, lemon
Olive oil
100g smoked haddock
50g peeled potato
Plain flour
1 egg
Panko breadcrumbs (available in good supermarkets)
25g picked sea purslane leaves

Prepare the scallops by removing them from the shells and then peeling the large white muscle away from the coral and other bits inside. Rinse the large white muscle throughly in clean running water to remove any sand. Leave to dry on kitchen paper in the fridge.

Remove two nice florets and slice very thinly on a mandolin, keeping the shape of the cauliflower.

Roughly chop the remainder of the cauliflower and start to fry it in a pan with the butter till golden brown; when soft add the cream and chicken stock and cook for 5 mins till the liquor has reduced by half. Place into a food processor and process till silky smooth; keep warm.

Chop the potato into even-size pieces and rinse with water. Cover with water and simmer till tender. Drain the water and pass the potato through a potato ricer. Allow to cool.

Chop the smoked haddock into nice pieces, stir through the mash and chopped chives and season with salt and lemon juice. Allow to cool in the fridge. When cool, mould into cylinders and roll in flour, dust off the excess and dip into beaten egg. Drain the excess and roll in the panko breadcrumbs

To compile the dish, warm the puree till hot. Season the cauliflower ‘thins’ with salt and lemon and warm gently. Place the small cylinders of smoked haddock into a deep fat fryer and cook till golden and crispy (approx 3 mins). Heat a frying pan to a medium heat, add a little olive oil and sauté the scallops till lightly golden (approx 1 -2 mins). Season with salt, turn and add a squeeze of lemon juice; remove the pan from the heat and allow the scallops to warm through gently for 2-3 minutes depending on size. Place the sea purslane in a pan with a little water and cook for 1 min. Arrange as shown.

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