An Unforgettable Dining Experience at Langar Hall, Nottinghamshire

As you cruise up Langar Hall’s driveway, you move between a stunning double line of mature trees before arriving at the charming, apricot-coloured house. Stepping inside, an eclectic mix of styles meets the eye – seamlessly blended to create a comfortable and stylish space that feels both lived-in and chic.

There’s a sense of family among the staff – many have worked at Langar Hall for years. Indeed, the culinary prowess of Langar is underscored by the longevity of its chefs – the executive chef Gary Booth has been at the restaurant for more than 20 years, head chef Ross Jeffrey a few years less, and the longest-standing kitchen team member has devoted around 30 years of his career here. Even the newer crew have been at Langar for many years. This is a place where people arrive, fall in love and choose to stay.

The camaraderie among the team is palpable. They are clearly a fun-loving bunch, creating a happy yet professional atmosphere that infuses Langar with warmth. They enjoy their work, which contributes to the restaurant’s exceptional atmosphere.

As for the food – it is a masterclass of skilful cooking, combining creativity with local ingredients, resulting in intriguing combinations and exquisite presentation. Our appetiser, a cuttlefish ragu in aged Winchester cheese sauce, topped with wild garlic, was a captivating prelude to the meal. The twice-baked cheese soufflé starter was delightfully soft and creamy. One of our main dishes – a triumvirate of lamb cuts cooked in Moroccan spices – was nothing short of extraordinary. And the halibut, expertly cooked, was another standout.

Langar Hall is a unique blend of individuality, creativity, indulgent fun and accomplished cooking. A striking portrait of the Hall’s late, famous former owner, Imogen Skirving, smoking a cigarette, sits on one of the walls. Her influence and style still permeate Langar, lending it appeal, style and individuality.

Langar Hall remains one of Nottinghamshire’s best dining experiences. A visit is a feast for all the senses – and one that leaves you yearning for your next visit.

Langar Hall website.

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