Meet My Mini Pinny – super aprons for kids (and adults)

We’re delighted to introduce a fabulous little start-up called My Mini Pinny – classic, handmade aprons for grown-ups and little ones.

What’s more, we’ve managed to secure 20% off exclusively for Great Food Club readers. Simply use the promo code ‘greatfoodclub’ when ordering online.

We caught up recently with Anna who founded the company from her very own kitchen. She said: “For ages I had piles of fabric propped up against my Magimix but I do now have a studio! I love cooking, baking and creating. To me there is no greater expression of love than a freshly baked pie – the equivalent of an enormous hug. I wanted to share my love of food and teach the kids an appreciation for the effort involved, hence My Mini Pinny was born.”

We love Anna’s eye for detail. Double pockets perfect for ‘swishing’ (legitimate technical term for swaying side to side in full pocket appreciation trance), quirky prints that speak to children and grown-ups alike and style that makes kids want to create, whether in the kitchen for real or at the helm of their own toy kitchen.

And it doesn’t stop there. My Mini Pinny’s range of grown-up pinnies is worth a look too. Full gathered skirts, their hallmark pockets and the option to match with your little one with their ‘Mummy & Me’ gift set. Adorable.

You can find out more about My Mini Pinny here, where you’ll find the full range available.

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