Stanley Street Food wins Eat Out Eat Well Award

Stanley Street Food of Barnwell in Northamptonshire has won a well-deserved Eat Out Eat Well Award from Northamptonshire County Council.

If you don’t know these guys, they are superb caterers and all-round lovely people. Run by Stanley and Paula Crump, they are brilliant at creating cuisines from all over the globe. They have a relaxed yet professional approach and a few examples of their many specialities include Massaman curry with mango salsa and peanut salad, Persian-style kebabs with homemade coleslaw and flatbreads Bavarian Brunch.

If you need a caterer that offers something bespoke and different for your party, wedding or festival, look no further.

Highly recommended by Great Food Club here.

Matt Wright
The author:

Matt lives in Leicestershire with his wife, two kids and dog. He is passionate about British pubs, slow food and home brewing. He founded Great Food Club (originally as Great Food Magazine) in 2010 after being inspired by local producers near his home town of Melton Mowbray - Britain's 'Rural Capital of Food'.