Grow food without leaving your sofa

Abbey Parks Farm of East Heckington near Boston has launched a website that allows customers to manage real allotments in rural Lincolnshire without leaving their sitting rooms.

The farm’s i-Grow website enables you to rent land, plant veg and herbs of your choice, harvest them and have them delivered with just a few mouse clicks.

Each plot is 3m x 2m and gives you eight rows of vegetables. Once you have selected your plot online, you choose your veg – for example, in March and April you could select to plant beetroot, broad beans or baby carrots. Abbey Parks then sows these for you and manages the land. When the crop is ready it will be delivered to you.

Harry Lowth of Abbey Park Farms, who came up with the idea of i-Grow

Renting a 6m2 allotment for one year costs £125, including seeds, planting, harvesting and delivery. The website is at

Visit the i-Grow website


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