Weekend recipe: make your own mustard

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It’s run by passionate jam-maker (and Great Food contributor) Rosemary Jameson. Last year, Jam Jar Shop fulfilled orders for more than one million jam jars, which were dispatched around the globe!

Here’s Rosemary’s recipe for mustard with beer…

To make 6-7 smaller jars (225g size)

* 1 teacup yellow mustard seeds
* 1 teacup black mustard seeds
* 150ml cider vinegar
* 1 bottle (500ml) Everards Tiger
* 1 tbsp sea salt
* 6 tbsp organic runny honey
* 1 tbsp freshly grated nutmeg

1 Place the seeds in a large bowl or jug and pour over the beer – cover loosely with a cloth or film and leave to soak overnight.

2 Next day, add all the remaining ingredients and mix together.

3 Place batches into a liquidiser and process to your desired consistency.
4 Pot up into washed, warmed jars and seal immediately.
5 Store for two weeks before use – if you can resist.

Rosemary’s tips…

1) “Wash your jars in warm, soapy water and then rinse. Don’t dry them with a cloth but put them in the oven on a low heat for several minutes to evaporate all the water. This will ensure your jars are bacteria-free.”

2) “When filling your jars with mustard, stop air pockets gathering by gently pushing down on the mustard seeds with a teaspoon. Air pockets are bad news because they provide a place for bacteria to gather.”

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