What you’re eating & drinking to get through the lockdown. Pt. 2 – smoked eel & spaghetti to ‘yuk/wow’ breakfasts

We asked Great Food Club members to tell us what they’re eating & drinking to get through the lockdown. Here’s Part 2.

“As I’m shielding, I’m making sure I waste nothing – fava beans in a vegetarian chilli, smoked eel with spaghetti, and a recipe from India helped me make a fabulous cauliflower stalk & leaf dish. Next, I’m going to tackle the tin of evaporated milk!” – Melinda.

Here’s an update from Ami, co-founder of sourdough specialists, Bisbrooke Artisans: “I’ve started to put up my recipes on IGTV on Instagram (@bisbrooke_artisans) and they are also tagged #cookalongwithami. There’s been a positive response because people can follow the recipes using healthy, fresh ingredients and staples often found in our cupboards.”

Ami continues: “We are also baking more sourdough for individuals and contemplating pizza boxes – where we provide half-baked sourdough bases with a tomato passata, freshly grated mozzarella and sprinkle of rocket salad as a garnish to finish off at home.

“At the moment, we are delivering our bread to those in self-isolation in the Bisbrooke and Uppingham areas. Our bread is also selling well in Budgens Uppingham.”

Bread by Ami & Lance of Bisbrooke Artisans

“Here are a few things I have tried:
Apple crumble cake 
Indian spiced veg couscous (perfect for leftovers) 
Salted caramel brownies 
One-pot lasagne 
Mushroom & chicken risotto 
Homemade pesto pasta
Pulled pork ramen 

“Please take a look at my blog – @lozza_eats on Instagram – to see my culinary creations! I am starting a new journalism course and writing up my recipes. I’m also starting to look at local restaurants to review and support. I live in Northampton.” – Loren

“We’re popping lockdown food ideas up on our ‘Mr Frost & The Hungry Sheep‘ Facebook page.” – Sarah

Welbeck Farm Shop has definitely come up trumps. We emailed our order, then after phone confirmation and payment online, we drove ( not far) to their car park. Our order was brought out to the car – what fantastic service.” – Kathryn

Some of the Welbeck Farm Shop team

Lily and Honey Bakery off Gaol Street in Oakham offers home delivery twice a week. Their sourdough loaves and tins are excellent. Robert and Nicole who run the bakery are a delightful young couple who have established an excellent reputation and a large number of devotees. Their cakes are outstanding too. I think they will sit nicely in the Great Food Club alongside Hambleton Bakery, which is their near neighbour and equal in my family’s view.” – Tom

Robert, co-founder of Lily & Honey Bakery in Oakham

“We’re using Hello Fresh Box, Clive Lancaster Butchers in Bingham and SIDS Fruit & Veg in Bottesford. All three are excellent.” – Steph.

Clive & Sam from Clive Lancaster Butchers in Bingham. Photo: Facebook.

“My tip is to sit down and create a meal plan for the week ahead. We now have ‘Fish Friday’, ‘Take-Away Saturday’ and ‘Roast Lunch Sunday’! This has helped us to organise our shopping list so we only have to do one weekly shopping trip and also reduce waste. This sense of routine really gives us something to look forward to while we are in lockdown. We’re doing our best to support local producers and buy seasonal, local food where possible.” – Deborah.

Elliotts Butchers in Kislingbury, Northamptonshire, and Joseph Morris Butchers in South Kilworth, Leicestershire, are playing important roles in providing locally sourced produce to the local community.” – Milly.

“Here at Farrington’s Mellow Yellow, we’ve been using the peelings from our potatoes to create delicious crisps, reducing food waste and creating a tasty snack. You simply toss potato (or carrot, parsnip or sweet potato) peelings with a drizzle of Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil, salt and any other herbs or spices you fancy, pop in the oven at 200C for 10 minutes until golden and crispy, and there you go! A delicious, quick snack that you enjoy in the time it takes to boil the potatoes.” – Gina.

Craft Gin Club and Demijohn Wine Vinegars are my favourites. Delivered and some and are great prices.” – Sue.

“Here’s one addition to my lockdown breakfast routine that can be construed as a yuk/wow combo.

Half mug of hot water
Half a small lemon, squeezed
Big dollop of runny honey
Level teaspoon of turmeric powder
One dissolvable aspirin (please check that this is safe for you)  

Stir furiously, then top up with cold water so it is still warm. Hold your breath and down it as quickly as possible. On finishing, eat a banana to take away the yuk. The wow comes half an hour later, when you feel immeasurably good.” – Heather.

Thanks for everyone’s responses. We’ll publish more soon. Please tell us what you’re eating & drinking to get through lockdown by emailing matt@greatfoodclub.co.uk. We’re giving away a free Great Food Club membership to every response we publish.

The author:

Matt lives in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire. He is passionate about the independent food & drink sector and founded Great Food Club in 2010 after being inspired by local producers near his home town.