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Alchemilla’s opening in summer 2017 was keenly anticipated by Nottinghamshire’s restaurant goers and is so far exceeding expectations. This is Alex Bond’s first solo adventure, having worked previously for Sat Bains (also in Nottingham), Turners and Auberge du Lac.

Alchemilla is special. It occupies a former coaching house that was largely unused for around 200 years. The unassuming façade is easy to miss, with no visible branding and simply the first of several “living walls” (“living” because they sprout plants such as lavender, fern and alchemilla – a herb) visible by which to identify it. The building has been gutted and reinvented as a cool, modern, airy space with the exposed brick, arches and architectural features of the original building left untouched.

As you enter, you walk towards the open kitchen before turning right to the bar and restaurant. The whole place combines modern touches with the history of the building brilliantly, with the living walls complementing the stylish seating. There are fewer tables than some would incorporate, leaving plenty of space and some privacy for diners.

The menu is described as “modern British” but is a sensational and eclectic range of creative and innovative flavour combinations and textures using the best possible fresh ingredients. Evening brings tasting menus available in five, seven and 10 courses with optional wine and beer pairings.

When we visited we chose the full 10 courses and pairings. This included dishes such as smoked shiitake mushrooms with cured pork fat; potato, fermented garlic and buttermilk; BBQ veal with gremolata and smoked cream; and chocolate, miso, banana and lime. The wine (and one beer) pairings worked perfectly with the dishes, all of which were beautifully presented on bespoke rustic crockery. Service was polite and attentive.

Alchemilla is a fabulous addition to the Nottinghamshire food scene and is most definitely a “destination” restaurant. Locally, we are holding out for a Michelin star for this place.

By Abby Brennan, Nottinghamshire editor

Useful info
192 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG7 1NF
0115 9413515

Customer reviews for Alchemilla

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  1. Avatar Flo says:

    Amazing food, great service, friendly staff, stunning venue! We’ll be back!!!

  2. Avatar Kaye says:

    Alchemilla epitomises the saying ‘Less is more’ – if this, then, is not your kind of thing, then don’t bother.

    To say that I was excited to have gotten first dibs on Alchemilla is an understatement, I’ve been following Alex Bond since I got to experience his supper club (which was genuinely a treat!) and so as soon as they’ve open the bookings to the public, I unashamedly got in there straight away.

    The decor is very minimalist, you get that Scandinavian ‘lagom’ vibe which I think most high-end restaurants are now going for. We were sat next to the garden wall which was a great conversation starter and as millennials would coin the term – ‘instagrammable’. But I know people don’t go to a restaurant to get a feel for their interiors, it’s food, first and foremost, that will truly make a restaurant make waves across the industry. And Alchemilla did not disappoint!

    We were given the option to either have the 5, 7 or 10-course meal. We opted for the first two and even though that will probably mess up the timings of the dishes, they happily catered to our needs. All I can say is, if you ever get the chance to have that lamb and aubergine miso, please, pretty please, have it! Even though I already had that at the supper club, it was just as divine as I had it at his restaurant. What Alex has encapsulated in this place is the mastery of his chosen ingredients. He uses lots of taken-for-granted vegetables and takes them to a whole new, gastronomic level. You’ll never look at a cabbage the same way again, just saying.

    I can understand what the other reviewers are saying, the team has a long way to go. Most of the staff members seem to lack the knowledge of wine and food that they were serving and they actually gave us the wrong description of one of the dishes and this could be detrimental (for eg. if someone has an allergy) but to say that Alchemilla is miles away from getting a Michelin star is unmerited. This is Alex’s first venture, to compare him to other restaurateurs who own multiple chains of restaurant is not only unfair but also unappreciative of what he is doing for the city of Nottingham. We’ve always been spoilt by Restaurant Sat Bains but now, we’ve got another gem who’s got tons of potential.

    Just watch this space.

  3. Avatar Prue says:

    As we had been to one of Alex Bond’s evening pop-up events in the Lace Market prior to the opening of his restaurant my husband and I very much looked forward to a birthday lunch in Alchemilla this week.

    We chose the 7 course tasting lunch menu which was enjoyable but sadly none of the courses had the “wow factor” for us. Nice food but nothing that made us say “we’ll remember that course………”.

    We were concerned also as we had to point out to the young lady serving us that the water jug she placed on our table was dirty.

    The kitchen in Alchemilla is open and one can see the chefs preparing the food. We were very shocked when we saw the chef (AB), preparing the venison course for our menu, check and taste, using a spoon, the sauce he had prepared in a pan – and then placing the exact same spoon that had been in his mouth directly back into the pan in order to ladle the sauce over the venison that was to be served to us. This is totally unhygienic – a clean spoon should always replace the used one. Would this pass a Michelin inspection?

    There were just two other people having lunch that day.

    We have been to many Michelin starred restaurants – Alchemilla, in our opinion, is a long way off their standard.

    • Avatar Alex Bond says:

      Head chef and proprietor Alex Bond replies: “Thank you very much for your feedback regarding the food, I’m sorry you didn’t feel the food to be to your standards but thats the beauty of what we do is how subjective food is. As for the comments regarding the water jug and the spoon I can only apologise for these and assure you that it won’t happen again. we strive to better everyday than the previous day.”

  4. Avatar Doreen Clarke says:

    OMG !!! Where do I start ?
    Ok, from the beginning. On entering the establishment we were underwelmingly greeted and followed a person to our table. The menus were given, we were asked if we would like to order a drink, which we did. Then we asked for the wine list .. you needed a magnifying glass to read it the print was very small.
    Onto the food and we opted for the 10 course menu. The first course was quite nice and we were eager for more. Second course of squid bolognaise was bland and uninteresting. Served only just warm which was a trend that went through each course. Next, the crab which was a delight and we all could have ate more of. We enjoyed the next course too. However, the 5th was not good and was sent back, the 6th needed more seasoning, ( chef does not have Black pepper at all in the kitchen we were told ) so we just settled for salt. Onto the 7th course which was a lovely piece of Duck thoroughly ruined by the acid, vinegar tasting shavings and nasturtium sauce. Most of it sent back. So onto desserts…. no imagination on the apple pie. Half a baked apple covered with a frozen concoction which tasted like flour and butter crumble. Next was Chocolate, miso,banana,lime and very nice too. Finally, the blackberry with beetroot ice cream ( far too strong in flavour) and cultured cream … not complementary at all.
    So there you have it. Add to all this the attitude of a certain member of the staff and in fact the chef/owner Alex Bond himself, left us all with the most horrible taste in our mouths. Not a mention of any gesture of goodwill with regard to the bill. We paid in full but will not be returning and will certainly not be recommending.
    The only saving grace was our waitress, Alex, who looked after us extremely well.

  5. Avatar William canning says:

    Myself and wife had been to a few of Alex’s pop up restaurants in the months prior to the grand opening and were very excited to get the full experience of the new restaurant…
    We weren’t left disappointed at all!! (Instantly booked the next visit)
    After only 3 weeks of opening it was working like a well oiled machine!! The front of house were brill and the food was amazing!! Certainly a Michelin star awaits

  6. Avatar Heather Dodson says:

    The 5 course lunch a couple of weeks ago was fantastic. My husband said it was better than L’Enclume which Alex was very pleased to hear! It was fairly quiet when we visited but that didn’t really matter. Looking forward to going in the evening and trying the 7 course meal with matching wines. Parking is not ideal but we managed to park at Canning Circus. I hope Alex gets a Michelin Star. The whole experience felt like it was a Michelin Star restaurant already.


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