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Recommended by our reviewers

Fosse Meadows Farm

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10% off the normal price of Fosse Meadows free-range chickens, cockerels and turkeys (including portions). If buying through the Fosse Meadows website, members must enter the code ‘CLUB’ during the order process. If buying over the telephone on 01858 881000, members must quote their name and membership number before buying.

In November 2015, Fosse Meadows was named Best Small Meat Producer by Good Housekeeping magazine, following judging by an expert panel.

This year, Michelin-star chef Nick Edgar discovered and was highly impressed with the Fosse chicken. He said: “Having taste-tested some of the best chickens from France and England, I found that the Fosse 81-day chicken had the best depth of flavour, texture and quality that I was looking for in creating dishes in a Michelin-star environment.” Jacob Sykes, who runs Fosse Meadows with Nick Ball, said: “Recognition like this is fantastic and really spurs us on.”

Fosse Meadows specialises in slow-grown, free-range chickens, cockerels, turkeys and geese, which run free on their farm, in North Kilworth, south Leicestershire.

The traditional French-breed chickens and cockerels, grown all year, are slow-reared to full maturity (to 81 days), with access to mobile sheds during the daytime and overnight for protection from foxes. They are fed an additive-free, corn-rich diet with full access to green pastures and wild flower hedgerows. A Fosse bird is fitter and has larger legs because it gets to run about outside for longer.

“Our birds are grown more slowly than most,” says Jacob. “Our chickens are slaughtered at 11-and-a-half weeks or more, compared with commercial free-range chickens, which are killed at five or six weeks. Our dry-plucked turkeys are reared in accordance with Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association guidelines and killed at six months [compared with 8-12 weeks for most]. They’re then dry-plucked, and game-hung for 10 days, which helps develop the rich flavour. These principles and artisan methods ensure the very best turkey for Christmas.”

Nick and Jacob believe their simple and traditional methods create a quality mature bird, offering strong meaty bones and meat with a rich flavour and texture that’s second to none.

Useful info
Fosse Meadows, Stud Farm, North Kilworth, Lutterworth, LE17 6JD
01858 881000

Customer reviews for Fosse Meadows Farm

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  1. Avatar SR says:

    Really good chicken – and the cockerel is worth trying too

  2. Avatar Iain Baughan says:

    We have been getting our turkeys and chickens from Fosse Meadows since they started. Our friend Richard Guy who ran the Real Meat Company and who had exacting standards of welfare and feed ethics said “If I lived in Leicestershire that is where I would buy my poultry.” Praise indeed!

  3. Avatar Sarah says:

    Great to see the boys getting a look in, they are usually bumped off at birth, not here! And they are tasty too.

  4. Avatar Izzy says:

    I can highly recommend Fosse Meadows free-range, slow-grown and high welfare chicken, cockerel and Christmas turkey. The turkey is grown to high Golden Turkey standards, which meant I had a superb Christmas bird that was easy to cook and everyone enjoyed the meat’s outstanding rich taste and succulence! I like to support local farmers – it’s so easy when you know the care and attention that goes into the rearing of these birds. Their free-range chicken and cockerel are such vastly superior products when compared to free-range birds in supermarkets. I can see why their chicken won a Good Housekeeping Award! All Fosse Meadows birds are absolutely delicious!


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