Review: Original Patty Men and Siren Craft Brew, Birmingham

An actual stone’s throw from Birmingham Selfridges, burger slingers Original Patty Men have found permanent residence in a train arch leading into Moor Street Station. OPM have honed and perfected their burgers for years on the streetfood scene and now they’ve hit the ground running in their own establishment. In collaboration with Siren Craft Brewery, you can have a proper premium burger and not have to stand in the rain.


A bacon cheeseburger and fries is a classic for a reason and when you pair it with craft beer it’s the perfect storm. OPM are infamous for their ring doughnut burger, not personally to my taste but worth trying to see if it’s to yours. The menu is short at the moment but expect bigger better things as the year progresses. There’s no reason to eat another burger from a soulless chain restaurant in Birmingham again. Especially if you find yourself at Ed’s Easy Diner in Selfridges, take the three-minute walk to OPM and find your burger soul.

Address: 9 Shaw’s Passage, Birmingham, West Midlands B5 5JG
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